We Did The Ultimate No-Hands Guinness Chug Challen…

This St. Patrick’s Day, in between sipping on some green beer and straight-up outlandish St. Paddy’s cocktails, we spotted a viral video on Twitter of a British dude doing this:

Obviously the fact that this looks crazy-fun meant Skyy had to give it a try, so he and Cecilia watched the video for pointers, then went outside for a few damn heroic attempts.

In the clip, you’ll notice that this Guinness Chug Challenge — by the way, we’re just calling it that, we haven’t found an official name for it yet — is super hard, with the most difficult part coming at the beginning.

The problem comes from finding a way to create some leverage as you pick the glass up with your mouth, which requires a combination of sucking and teeth. (Don’t you get dirty thoughts, people!) 

Skyy says it’s a sh*tload of fun to do, although you’ll definitely want to do it outside on something soft, as things obviously get messy, and the glasses can and will drop on the ground. 

You can also do a little cheat mode if you just use small plastic cups, but those are like training wheels: You’ll have to step up to the real deal if you’re ever going to impress the pub crowd.

Have you ever tried this Guinness Chug Challenge? Do you think you could do better than Skyy and Cecilia? Talk to us, people! 

Images: Deadline News via LADBible

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