Venison Loin Roast

With its subtle gamy taste, ruby red colour, high amounts of protein, and low amounts of fat (gram for gram, less than skinless chicken breast), venison makes a sophisticated – and healthy – option for your next roast. Cooking venison loin sous vide for just one hour means you can retain the juiciness of this lean cut, which can otherwise get dried out. Complementary flavours include red wine, tomatoes, thyme, and mushrooms.

Venison used to be the preserve of the rich, but thanks to a rise in popularity, it is widely available in supermarkets and restaurants. In the UK, there are six free-living types of deer: roe, Scottish red deer, fallow, Chinese water deer, Reeves’s muntjac, and sika. The meat from these animals – with the exception of the Chinese water deer, which doesn’t tend to be eaten – makes a good alternative to factory-reared meat, as deer generally roam free in the wild. Those that are farmed – typically red deer and fallow deer – will still be out in parks and woodland, so will still be free-range.

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