Vegetable Sheet Cutter: Is This The New Spiralizer…

If you ever wondered when the spiralizing trend will come to an end you are in for a surprise. The trend seems to have no end in sight, in fact, it has evolved into gadgets that cut vegetables into sheets rather than noodles.

The game-changing machine in question is a vegetable sheet cutter that allows users to turn everyday vegetables into large sheets that can be used as bread or pasta substitutes.

What can a vegetable sheet cutter do?

Vegetable sheet cutters can turn any vegetable or fruit, depending on the size, into thin wide sheets. These can be used as substitutes for lasagne noodles, tortillas, sandwich wraps, nori sheets and more.

It’s the perfect gadget for those living a low-carb and gluten-free lifestyle.

You can turn an array of fruits and veggies into sheets: carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, potatoes, apples, parsnips, beets, plantain, yuca and other root veggies.

How To Use A Vegetable Sheet Cutter

If you have a Kitchenaid mixer you can easily attach the vegetable sheet cutter right onto the machine. This video shows you how:

Spiralizer vs. Vegetable Sheet Cutter: Price Comparison

Spiralizers can costs anywhere from $18 to $240. By comparison, a vegetable sheet cutter that hooks up to a stand mixer sells anywhere from $80 to $129.

Manual vegetable sheet cutters are in the $20-80.00 range.

Vegetable Sheet Cutter Recipes

The sky is the limit when it comes to the many dishes you can create with the vegetable sheet cutter. Veggie wraps, low-carb lasagna, gluten-free enchiladas and sandwich wraps immediately come to mind.

Here are some other creative recipes you can whip up with this nifty gadget:

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