Top 5 Most Hilarious and Horrifying Champagne Popp…

Opening a bottle of champagne is harder than it looks, apparently, because people sure do tend to f—k it up righteously. Speaking of which, here are the top five most hilarious and horrifying champagne popping fails we’ve seen recently, which are so great they call for even more celebratory shammy sham (that may or may not have to be licked off the ground). 

5. The Bottle-Drop Saber Fail

Usually when you see a champagne sabering fail video, the fail comes when the bottle basically cracks in half and explodes in the person’s hands. But then there are the special people like this woman, who just let the ground do all the work.

4. The Celebratory Champagne Faceplant

Sometimes actually opening the bottle of champagne isn’t the problem, but the ecstatic feeling of having an exploding bottle of bubbly in your hands is. Mad credit to this lady for sacrificing her face to save some alcohol though. 

3. The Eye-Stop Pop 

When you’re poppin’ bottles the cork’s gotta go somewhere, right? How about directly into your f—king eyeball so you remember for life that high-velocity objects need to be aimed away from the face. Away. From. The. Face. 

2. The Mega-Bottle Drop

Ever have that nightmare where you’re in your underwear on stage and everybody’s laughing at you? How about the one where you’re in a really fancy suit in the middle of the club and you drop a giant $2,500 bottle of champagne in front of a bunch of your cool-ass friends? 

1. The Firearm Champagne Fail

And the number one champagne fail on this list of dumbass glass shattering goes to… the dude who literally used a handgun to open his champagne! Two thumbs up to this guy for effort though — hopefully he gets to keep his own so he can give them back some time.

What are the craziest champagne fail videos you’ve ever seen? Post that ridiculousness in the comments, people! 

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