Tips & Tricks: Searing Right on the Embers

Sometimes the best way to grill is with no grill at all. To give your food that signature charred flavor, **all you need are some embers**. Just light your charcoal and wait for it to burn red and grey, then place the food **directly on the coals**, **and voilà**! **The most rustic fire-grilled food of your life.**

So how does it work? Stacking your food on the coals smothers the embers, blocking airflow and cooling them down. The lower temperature and direct contact with the coals means your food can get a nice smoky flavor without overcooking.

But just because you’re cooking like a caveman doesn’t mean you have to eat like one. This technique is best for giving flavor and a charred crust to veggies, seafood, or small pieces of meat rather than a [link /activities/ultimate-grilled-chuck-steak big hunk o’ beef] that takes all day to cook through. Try roasting up some slices of eggplant for a creamy baba ganoush, blistering some whole tomatillos for a smoky salsa verde, or ember-searing scallops for a charred twist on sashimi. And, hey, don’t worry if you get a bit of ash on your plate—that’s part of the fun.

Some goodies to grill<br>

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