Throw the Ultimate Summer Cookout With Joule

There’s something magical about cooking and eating outdoors. Smoke, sun, beers, friends—you know, all the good stuff. Here in Seattle, we go into a frenzy in the summer—for as long as the sun graces us with its presence, we feel like we need to be soaking it up. So it’s no surprise cookouts are a Seattle summer staple. But we’re not talking wizened hot dogs or 24-packs of frozen burgers here. Whether we’re picnicking at the beach or car-camping at that primo lakeside spot we reserved months in advance, **we want stellar grilled treats that satisfy our taste buds and impress our friends**. **Think juicy chicken legs**, **succulent pork shoulder**, **crispy-tender short ribs**, **and spicy kebabs**.

But we don’t want to slave over hot coals all day and miss all the fun, either. That’s where Joule comes in. **Sous vide makes grilling away from home a snap.** Everything gets prepped and cooked just right in advance, so all you need to do on the day of is fire up the grill for a quick finishing sear. Plus, when you roll up with prepped proteins, you don’t need to worry about toting around raw pork or getting chicken cooked through on an unfamiliar grill.

Ready to throw the ultimate summer cookout? Here’s everything you need to know, from how to prep and pack, to how to grill, to what to serve. So get your cooler ready. Let’s go to the beach!

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