Three Asian Grilling Classics Reimagined, With Gre…

Gregory Gourdet—the *Top Chef* alum at the helm of Portland, Oregon’s [link Departure]—creates modern riffs on Asian classics. Sushi, dim sum, and bibimbap all on one menu? Yes, please! If you’re not lucky enough to feast on pan-Asian cuisine at Departure, you can recreate one of Gourdet’s dishes tonight. **For a fresh take on three boldly flavored classics, you just need one simple formula: sauce + sous vide + grill.**

The flavors and ingredients may change, but the process stays the same. Start with your sauce—sweet and savory, spicy and funky, or a total umami bomb, perhaps? Next, pick your protein, and cook ’em together with Joule. After a quick sear on a hot grill, you’ll have intensely flavorful, mouthwateringly tender meat with a perfectly charry crust. Getting hungry? Start cooking with one of the foolproof recipes below.

Whether you choose perfectly pink Korean [link Ssamjang Steak], a new twist on traditional Chinese [link Char Siu-Style Pork Tenderloin],
or Thai BBQ-inspired [link Black Pepper Chicken], this method produces bold, thoughtful dishes that are as easy to make as they are to devour.

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