The Most Insane St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Challen…

Hopefully everybody had a safe and tipsy St. Paddy’s Day, full of green beer, crazy-looking Irish cocktails, and insane drinking challenges that, if done incorrectly, would definitely shatter a mouthful of teeth. You know, like this one:

This double-glass Guinness drinking challenge, which was posted by LADbible, is seriously one of the most legit St. Paddy’s Day beer chugs we’ve ever seen. Note that the dude’s hands never actually touch the glass from which he’s going to do his chug.

The guy’s basically a pub-style David Blaine, and while watching him we feel kind of like Kanye watching magic happen.

According to the Daily Mail, the trick went down in a pub Jesmond, Newcastle (England), but unfortunately that’s about all the detail we get on this hero. Although judging by his skills, and the camaraderie with his friends, we’d guess he’s no stranger to having a lot of beer in, on, and around his face.

The best part of the clip, however, is the way his buddies egg him on throughout the entire exercise in no-hands chugging, with one of them just laughing like a hyena the whole time and another telling him “he ain’t got sh*t,” right when he’s about to finish off the trick.

The face of a guy about to chug a Guinness using his teeth. Image: Deadline News

He even drinks the drowned shamrock — the St. Paddy’s tradition of putting a shamrock in your beer or whiskey — as a little cherry on top. Although, honestly, it wouldn’t have counted had he not sucked that little sprig of Ireland down his gullet. But he did! 

Is this the craziest St. Patrick’s Day pub chug you’ve ever seen? Does it put you in the mood for a Guinness cocktail like the ones below? Let us know, Paddy people!

See recipe.

See recipe

Images: Deadline News via LADBible

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