Thanksgiving Sauce With Tyler Florence

Food Network superstar chef Tyler Florence is full of cool ideas, and this gluten-free, made-from-vegetables gravy substitute is both innovative and delicious. Our chefs took his recipe, tweaked it a little bit, and wound up with this savory, flavor-packed sauce you can cook with Joule and then return to the pot to keep warm until it’s time to serve—such a tasty, foolproof way to simplify the Thanksgiving feast.

*OTHER PEOPLE’S IDEAS: A Series From ChefSteps*<br>
*At ChefSteps, we love to cook. And we love to share our top tips and techniques with you. But we’re not the boss of everything, and we learn from our friends and colleagues every day. That’s why we created Other People’s Ideas, a new series starring our favorite subject experts. These talented folks are here to help you tackle everything from soup dumplings to pizza pie—and have a ton of fun along the way. You down with OPI? Yeah, you are. Let’s do this.*

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