Tender Turnips to Change Your Mind

As children, when we heard something was nutritious and inexpensive, it usually meant one thing—*boooooring.* As adults, food that is good for you and cheap to boot is elusive and desirable. Turnips are one such food—a vegetable that you may have overlooked in your youth that you should absolutely be adding to the weekly repertoire now. Not only do they boast a whole slew of benefits (boosting metabolism, improving your immune system, fighting inflammation), but turnips are cheap as heck, fast-cooking, and delicious when done right. **They key to a satisfying turnip? They are best when they are tender but have a little crunch, which is easy to achieve with Joule and a vacuum sealer.** Once they’re cooked sous vide, you can serve your delicate, snappy turnips any way you like—as a hot side dish, chilled in a fresh salad for any weekday lunch, or added to any winter soup or stew. These versatile, inexpensive charmers are here for you, however you want to use ’em.

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