Sous Vide Cyber Monday & Holiday Gift Deals

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The holiday season is slowly creeping in and with it comes awesome sous vide deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In past years, we have seen the Anova precision cooker drop down to just $99, a major $50 off.

I will be checking every day and update this page accordingly when any new sous vide holiday deals are announced. Both Anova and ChefSteps have products featured in Amazon’s “Home Gift Buying Guide”, so I would expect to see some pretty sweet sales this year.

Current Sous Vide Sales

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Mellow Sous Vide Discount Code

Looking for the most advanced all-in-one sous vide machine on the market? That would be the Mellow Sous Vide machine. It’s currently on sale for $100 off!

Mellow recently hooked up Sous Vide Guy readers with a free set of Mellow Bags when you purchase through their website!

Simply add a Mellow and at least 1 set of bags to your cart, hit checkout, and in the box for a discount code use SVGUY10.

I’m not sure how long this code will be available so I would use it soon if you’re interested in picking up a Mellow this holiday season.

Mellow sous vide review


Sous Vide Holiday Gift Buying Guide

If you’re just starting out and buying your first sous vide setup or if you’re looking to get someone else started in sous vide, here’s a quick buying guide to show you everything you need to get started.

  • Sous Vide Machine – of course to get started, you need a sous vide machine. This is really the bare minimum required, but everything else makes cooking much easier and more reliable.
  • Water Container – having a dedicated polycarbonate water container is very nice to have. You can make sure your food isn’t floating easily, and it doesn’t take up a pot or other container you may need for other purposes.
  • Container Lid – having a lid for your container (or even a layer of ping pong balls!) will help keep the water a consistent temperature by preventing heat loss. This also means your sous vide machine doesn’t need to work as hard, potentially extending its lifetime.
  • Vacuum Sealer – you can use a ziplock bag to seal your food, but the best, most secure way is to use a vacuum sealer. This gets the most air out of the bag which means it won’t float and all the contents of the bag will be cooked to a consistent temperature.
  • Cookbook – new to sous vide? I wrote a book for that! Learn Sous Vide is available as a physical book, Kindle book, or full-color and printable PDF. It features helpful temperature cooking charts and awesome recipes.
  • Avocado Oil – if you’re looking to sear your meat after it’s done in the sous vide bath, you’re going to want a high-smoke point oil so your house doesn’t fill with smoke. Avocado has the highest smoke point of any readily available cooking oil, so it’s nice to have.

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