Rack of Lamb

Chops are the priciest cut of meat from the lamb, taken from the ribcage of the animal, and when removed collectively, come in the form of a rack. Serving a rack, which will consist of eight ribs, for your next roast dinner is bound to impress, but it’s essential to get the cooking right. Using Joule’s sous vide method means you will get exactly the result you want in just two hours.

When designing a menu, you can’t go wrong with classic accompaniments, such as crushed Jersey Royal potatoes, a good mint sauce, and some spring greens, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be more inventive. Experiment with Mediterranean flavours in the form of chargrilled vegetables and olive tapenade, for instance, or go Indian with a spice crust and stir-fried spinach.

Although New Zealand lamb is popular, Britain is also known for its lamb, so buy local. You should also choose free-range or organic, RSPCA-approved or Certified Humane to ensure the animal has been raised in the best conditions. Daylesford and Pipers Farm are known for their quality produce – both sell online and will deliver to your door. Look out for lamb that has been entirely grass-fed as well.

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