Poolside Paella, With Tyler Florence

Sunscreen, inflatables, a competitive game of Marco Polo—the summer pool party is no joke. You know what else is no joke? Cooking the perfect meal to feed your hungry hordes after a day full of splashing around. But you’re in luck. **Superstar chef and friend of ChefSteps [link https://www.instagram.com/tylerflorence/ Tyler Florence] has come up with the ultimate solution: poolside paella cooked with Joule.**

Paella is one of those crowd-pleasing dishes that have everything—oodles of different proteins, heaps of carbs, and spices galore. The only problem: these one-pot dishes usually call for cooking everything together, which can lead to dry chicken thighs and rubbery shellfish.

Chef Tyler’s solution: **cook all of those paella proteins with Joule**, **then add them back in just before serving**. Marinating the chicken and shellfish and cooking them sous vide gives you the same delicious flavor you’d expect from traditional paella, without the risk of overcooking. That means you can spend less time checking on your chicken—and more time lounging by the water with the people you love.

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