A Turkey and all the trimmings. Crunchy leaves and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving Day says Fall to me. And what represents Thanksgiving more than a turkey? But not just any turkey — a wild turkey, ready to take flight at the first sight of a hungry hunter.

Paleo-Gobbler is the latest work in my Paleo-Mythos series of improbable cave art creatures. I imagine my paleo-ancestor painting the fanciful beasts that might populate her world on the walls of the family cave. She has captured this wild bird in the act of looking over his shoulder, as any savvy turkey is wont to do in the fall. Uh-oh, is that a spear whizzing his way?

I carved my hapless turkey onto a wood that tended to chip and gave me no end of trouble until I worked out the right pressure on the blade. I used a 1mm v-cut (and occasionally a 2mm u-gauge) and varied the pressure to thicken the line. I’m pretty much a one-tool woman when I’m in the zone.

I used Daniel Smith water-based relief inks in yellow ochre, black and red. I rolled the block in yellow-ochre and tapped on mixes of the red and the black for accent.

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