No-Hassle Kebabs for a Crowd

It’s pretty simple. **Meat + stick = happiness.** Once you’ve got the formula down, go wild! We really like how simple kebabs are—they make cooking outside a snap because **everything gets prepped**, **cooked**, **and ready to rumble at home**, **making the last step quick and easy**. (Plus, you’ve got your meat and veg all in one tidy package.) Kebabs can be seared to order over a hot grill, making them the perfect meal for your next picnic or campout.

We’ve got three ideas for you: one pork, one beef, and one lamb. All three use tougher cuts of meat that really shine when they’re cooked sous vide for 24 hours, as the connective tissue breaks down and converts to gelatin, lending your meat that beloved braised texture. Here’s the basic outline: Once you’ve cooked your hunk of meat, let it cool completely, then cut it into 1-inch cubes. Add a rub or marinade, gather up your supporting cast (cherry tomatoes, kimchi, radishes, or whatever you like), and get skewering. Then you’re off to the races! (Or, you know, the park.) **When the time comes, just heat up a grill and get a good char on those bad boys, and you’re done.** Slide those goodies onto plates and top with sauce, or fill up some tortillas or lettuce wraps for an easy handheld meal. Enjoy!

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