March Madness Causes Huge Rise in Binge Drinking

Here’s some news that will surprise absolutely nobody: During March Madness — the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, for you folks living under some rocks — binge drinking among males in college increases by a whopping 30 percent. Which is almost kind of mild considering the relative amount of crazy sh*t that goes down during Spring Break

According to a study that was published in the National Bureau of Economic Research (via The Washington Post), researchers at the University of Nebraska at Omaha et al. found that during the tournament, which takes place between mid-March and early April, dudes who go to the colleges with participating teams binge drink about a third more than they normally would.

And that is a net gain, meaning they don’t make up for that increase anywhere else in their drinking career. 

We say “dudes,” because the researchers found that there was “no increase in alcohol consumption among female students.” Which, honestly, is pretty surprising considering the evident fact that plenty of women are also into college basketball. 

In terms of the actual breakdown among the dudes who binge drink while they watch their teams ball it up, you’re basically looking at both 21-and-over and underage white guys. It’s unclear which other ethnicities are participating in the abnormally boozy antics, but the researchers clearly note that “The increase in binge drinking appears to be concentrated mostly among white male students.” 

The increase in drinking doesn’t only happen during March Madness though; it also goes on during college football season. So… in other words, guys in college are binge drinking all the damn time. But who knows, maybe that’s just how the college guy bonds in his natural habitat. 

What are your thoughts on these college bros binge drinking while watching March Madness? And if you’re one of said bros, how do you feel about adding the below drinks to your booze bracket? Let us know!  

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See recipe


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