LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack-Model L10- Marine Quality 31…

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Sous Vide Rack for Safely Holding the Pouches Before, During and After Cooking. The Rack Ensures Appropriate Distance Between the Individual Pouches so that the Water can Flow Freely and Allow for an Even Sous Vide Warming. No Pile of Pouches at the Bottom of the Water Bath Anymore! The Rack is Adjustable for Different Thicknesses of the Pouches and Collapsible to Save Space in the Cupboard. LIPAVI Racks Increase Significantly the Capacity of your Sous Vide Bath. LIPAVI has Racks that fit in Sous Vide Supreme and Demi and also Cambro tanks. Different Models will In Fact fit Any Water Tank and Water Bath. Measure the Space Inside the Bottom of the Water Bath, Reserve Sufficient Space for Your Immersion Circulator, and Find the Right LIPAVI Rack for Your Needs. The LIPAVI Racks are Quality Products made of Stainless Steel for Many Years of Service. The LIPAVI Racks are Very Practical also for Cooling or Freezing the Pouches. And even Handy as Smoking Rack! ….Examples of good Sous Vide Combinations: Cambro 4.75 Gallon Combined With LIPAVI L15 (26SD) Sous Vide Rack…. For Sous Vide Supreme : LIPAVI L18 Sous Vide Rack…. For Sous Vide Demi : LIPAVI L15 (26SD) Sous Vide Rack… TAILORED LIDS: LIPAVI has the following matching products: L5 rack – C5 container (7 quarts / 1.75 gallon) – C5L lids with tailored notches for the common circulators* (for the small household)……… L10 rack – C10 container (12 quarts / 3.0 gallon) – C10L lids with tailored notches for the common circulators*…………. L20 rack – C20 container (26 quarts / 6.5 gallon) – C20L lids with tailored notches for the common circulators*……….. * The circulator tailored lids are presently: AP – Anova Precision … AO – Anova One …. SA – Sansaire ….NO – Nomiku …. PCR – PolyScience Creative …. PCH – PolyScience Professional ChefIncreases Significantly the Capacity and Maintains Pouch Distance Even, Quick and Safe Warming!
Safe and Easy Handling – Lift the Rack with the Pouches – Adjustable To the Width of the Pouches
LIPAVI L10 Rack can be combined with Lipavi C10 container with tailored lid for Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire, PolyScience Creative
Made from High Quality Stainless Steel – Also Perfect for Efficient Cooling, Freezing and Smoking!
Observe: LIPAVI Sous Vide Racks Fit Perfectly in the LIPAVI Containers – Search for LIPAVI on Amazon

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