It’s Barbecue Season, So Your June Horoscope Comes…

There’s only so much of talkative-you to go around, so RSVP to summer’s barbecue invites strategically. You’ll be adhering more toward your comfort zone this month (you need to ground and center yourself every once in a while), so when in doubt, roll with those who feel like family (and if anything, stop by for a quick hello at your coworker’s party—we give you permission to make an Irish exit). It’s important for you to feel at home this month, while still enjoying the sights and sounds of your neighborhood. Bring a cooler of your favorite craft beer, your monogrammed folding chair, and your ingenious barbecue side, grilled bread salad with sweet peppers and onions—it’s smoky, toasty, sweet, and sour, and like you, it’s as unpredictable as it is lovable.

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