How Do I Make Fondue Savoyarde?

Cheese lovers know it: winter isn’t complete with savouring a good fondue, especially after a day of hitting the slopes. Have you ever prepared a fondue from scratch? Do you know what cheeses go into it? Curious to find the ultimate fondue recipe

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Today’s fondue lesson focuses on the beloved fondue Savoyarde, from the Savoie (also spelled Savoy) region of France, right in the heart of the French Alps.

The fondue Savoyarde consists of these three cheeses: Comté, Beaufort and Tomme de Savoie. However, there are some variants that use l’Abondance and Emmental of Savoie. The greediest even venture to add a little Reblochon! In any case, these cheeses are complemented by a little white wine, garlic and kirsch.


To prepare a fondue Savoyarde for 6 people you will need:

500 g of Beaufort cheese
2 to 3 glasses of white wine (ideally Abymes wine)
400 g of Comté cheese
300 g Tomme de Savoie cheese
1 small glass of kirsch (about 1/4 cup)
1 teaspoon of cornstarch
1 clove of garlic
1 big loaf of crusty bread

1. Start by cutting the bread into pieces so it can harden as it sits. Cut the cheeses by removing the crusts then slicing them into thin strips.

2. Dissolve the cornflour in a small glass of kirsch.

3. Rub the fondue pot with the garlic clove until the garlic is worn. Discard the garlic.

4. Heat the white wine (medium heat). When it begins to bubble, lower the heat and gradually add the cheese, stirring with a wooden spoon and making a figure “8”.

5. When all the cheese is melted, add the kirsch and cornflour. Cook over low heat until thickened.

6. Light the fondue stove and pour the fondue inside, stir occasionally with the wooden spoon. Prick the pieces of bread and dip in the fondue Savoyarde!

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