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Fine and fancy dining doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. With the right equipment, you too can make exquisite entrées for you and your family to enjoy! With the Gourmia Sous Vide Pod Immersion Cooker, you will be creating flavorful, delectable dishes that will make you look like a three star chef.


• Active Control Thermostat – Keeps Water At A Constant Temperature
• Touch Sensor Digital Control – Easily Set Timer And Temperature
• LCD Display – Accurate Display For Quality Results
• Free Cook Book Included
• ETL Listed for Safety


Cooking is an art and when done right it can be a powerful way to lift even the most sour of moods. To master this art, you have to understand all the factors that play a part in optimizing flavor and taste in the ingredients from the minute you start. Our Sous Vide Pod does exactly that using the method of immersion. As fancy as our product sounds, this specific art of cooking is as old as cooking itself so simplicity is in its nature. Whether it’s your first time cooking or you’re a seasoned veteran, sous vide is an easy, reliable way to make crisp vegetables while retaining their nutrients, bring out the delicious sweetness in fruits, and perfectly tender cuts of meats.


Our Sous Vide Pod is an amazingly high tech device that is surprisingly easy to use. A touch screen panel with full LCD display and only a few buttons provide you with the peace of mind that everything you ever need to do is only a touch away. Alongside the convenient active control thermostat so it self-regulates the water’s temperature so whatever you’re immersing comes out evenly cooked and bursting with flavor. Steaks, pork, eggs, vegetables, fruits, you name it and our Sous Vide Pod will make cooking a breeze so you can eat fancy in the comfort of your own home!GOURMET QUALITY RESULTS: To experience 5 star chef quality meals in your own home, the sous vide pod brings out the finest flavors in any meat, fish, or vegetables.
PRECISE COOKING TECHNOLOGY: Immersion cooking creates delectable meals however you want them – from rare to well done, you will always have the perfect dish.
TOUCH SENSOR DIGITAL CONTROL: The interface and timer allows anyone to easily monitor the temperature to keep water at an ideal temperature with a simple touch.
LCD DISPLAY: Effortlessly keep track of the quality of your meats & vegetables with the easy to follow visuals right on the pod for perfect results each time guaranteed.
FREE RECIPE BOOKLET INSIDE: Explore the possibilities of immersion cooking whether you’re a veteran or it’s your first time cooking with the included recipe booklet.

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