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Cooking is just like any other pursuit: practice makes perfect. Okay, let’s be honest. Perfection may be unattainable. Let’s just say practice makes *better*. And becoming a better cook is a lifelong journey. From the moment you realize your boxed macaroni and cheese would taste just a little bit better if you threw in some peas and bacon, to the first time you undertake a complete Thanksgiving feast, to the day you plan and execute a Michelin-worthy multicourse meal, **you’re constantly acquiring techniques you can put to work to create exciting new dishes**. Learning how to cook an egg doesn’t just give you a great breakfast; it also opens the door to [link /activities/can-t-f-it-up-eggs-benedict eggs Benedict], an awesome one-ingredient sauce for [link /activities/the-ultimate-asparagus asparagus], and [link /activities/pillowy-ricotta-gnocchi-gnudi-with-sage-brown-butter-sauce a killer topping for ricotta gnudi]. Master flaky [link /activities/buttery-flaky-all-purpose-pie-crust-pate-brisee pie crusts], and suddenly you have [link /activities/quiche-lorraine quiche lorraine], [link /activities/classic-double-crusted-turkey-pot-pie savory pot pies], and [link /activities/pecan-pie scrumptious desserts] in your repertoire. Every recipe you learn becomes a potential building block for newer, more extravagant recipes.

Below, we create two new dishes using recipes and techniques previously taught here at ChefSteps. The Joule-cooked fruit jam you whipped up earlier this year? We combine it with that subtly sweet Jersey milk sorbet you made a few springs ago for a new twist on an old-school dessert. The crispy prosciutto you pair with asparagus on the regular? We introduce it to everyone’s favorite herb oil for a sweet-and-savory dish starring grilled figs. But the possibilities don’t end there—**when you give yourself free rein to play with the expertise you’ve developed in the kitchen**, **the possibilities truly are endless**. There’s no food too frightening, no dish too difficult, and no meal too mighty to achieve. And isn’t that what cooking smarter is all about?

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