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Their name is goi cuon but surely you know them as Vietnamese rolls, summer rolls or Vietnam spring rolls. These rolls are tasty and light, as they are made of rice paper filled with crispy prawns, rice vermicelli, herbs and mixed vegetables.

This style of spring roll is typical of Vietnam but also common in Cambodia. Many versions exist, including vegetarian spring rolls made without prawns or meat. They are usually served with a dipping sauce.

Curious about how to make them? Let’s take a look at this goi cuon recipe.


Ingredients (for 3 people):

Rice paper (12 sheets) 
Rice noodles (100 g)
Big shrimps (12)
Carrots (2)
Savoy cabbage or salad (10 leaves)
Soy sprouts (120 g)
Green tea (1 sachet)


1. Fill a pot with water and, when it boils, steep the tea, then add salt. Throw in the noodles and cook for about 5 minutes, drain and leave them to rest.

2. Boil one carrot and the whole cabbage leaves in the same water. Once the vegetables are tender, remove from the hot water. Cut the cabbage and the carrots (both cooked and raw) into julienne strips.

3. Sauté the prawns, drain them and let them cool. They must remain crispy.

4. Immerse the rice paper in a bowl of hot tap water and let it soften for a few seconds. Place the hydrated noodle on a plate.

5. Place a bit of the veggies and prawn inside the rice paper and close the roll by rolling it, then tucking in the ends. The most skilled can venture cut them into rounds (maki style).

Goi Cuon Dipping Sauce

Learn how to make the goi cuon peanut dipping sauce with this one minute video tutorial from NPFamily Recipes:

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