Gluten-Free Brownies Took Over Our Instagram Feed …

This weekend, our Instagram feed’s usual mix of Echo Park Craft Fair memes and Fiona the hippo photos was disrupted by a tidal wave of Healthyish’s gluten-free chocolate-tahini brownies. We’re not complaining: Who doesn’t want to look at beautiful brownie pictures all day?

Now, these gluten-free brownies haven’t quite reached the level as Alison Roman‘s viral chocolate chunk shortbread cookies, but we have faith in the power of that beautiful tahini swirl. Here are some of our favorite batches so far…now, can someone please save us a couple squares?

Cat, plants, and brownies?! Looks like @cariesfork had a pretty perfect weekend.

Hey @taradonnephoto, we’ll take an end piece and a middle piece…you know, for comparison purposes.

@Chefmarynolan’s description of these babies as a peanut butter brownie/cream cheese brownie hybrid has us drooling.

And don’t worry @ladyofthecanyon, flour and butter bakers are welcome here. This is a safe space.

@LocalHaven has already made these brownies once—and round two is looking pretty damn great. Fingers crossed, batch #3 is already in the oven.

BA associate social media manager @empschultz knows that that we’re riding a tahini swirl wavelength.

And, yeah, @curlycrew2387 is definitely going to have some happy coworkers.

Now, stop drooling and go make a batch of your own:

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