Fresh Australian Kitchen Large 20×10 Inch Pre-Seas…

Price: $99.99 - $36.95
(as of Jan 30,2018 21:56:33 UTC – Details)

Fresh Australian Kitchen Pre-Seasoned, Double Burner Cast Iron Griddle (20 Inch).

Tough enough to last for generations. In Fact, It Improves with Use.
When seasoned properly, Cast Iron is Naturally Non-Stick
But Remember;
1. Hot Water NOT Dish Washer
2. Scrub It DON’T Soap It
3. Re-Season For a Skillet Re-Born!

On the Cooktop or In the Oven
Gas, Ceramic, Halogen, Electric
At the Beach or On the Campsite
Grill, Bake, Fry, Sear, Sauté, Broil, Baste, Flambé
You Are Only Limited by Your Imagination.

Cast Iron is Actually Slow to Heat Up… So, it’s Also Slow To Cool Down.
Which Means It Retains Heat Longer and Won’t Produce Temperature Spikes.
Giving You Superb Control Over Your Cooking.

Cooking with Iron Helps Fortify Food with Iron (Journal of the American Dietetic Association; July 1986).
Get Outdoors with Your Griddle. Use It on a Campfire or Outdoor Grill.
Your Fresh Australian Kitchen Cast Iron Griddle was Born To Love the Healthy Outdoors!

Made in China at a FDA Approved Factory.
EPIC DURABILITY – With Care, Your Cast Iron Griddle Will Last for Generations to Come. Thick, Heavy Commercial Quality Cast Iron. Each Griddle Comes Pre-Seasoned and Ready to Use, Straight Out of the Box. The Flat Side Features a Deep Grease Trap.
BEAUTIFULLY VERSATILE – Enjoy an Australian BBQ Grill Indoors or Outdoors. Also Fry, Bake, Sauté and Sear with your Double Burner Griddle. Each Plate is Oven Safe and Suitable to be Used on a Stove or Table Top… at Home or Camping.
LEGENDARY HEAT RETENTION – Allowing Even Cooking for Superb and Delicious Barbecue Results.
IRON-4-IRON – Many People Suffer from Iron Deficiency. Iron Cookware Fortifies Food with Iron.
FRESH AUSTRALIAN KITCHEN – Products for A Healthy, Outdoors, Lifestyle… With the Security of a Lifetime Guarantee.

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