EVERIE Silicone Lid for Cambro Sous Vide Container…

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During your sous vide cooking, are you tired of refilling water from time to time, or being unable to refill ingredient for recipes that require multiple cooking time?

. If so, scroll on and this is what you need, exactly.

Quite some recipes recommended by famous chefs have multiple ingredients that would taste the best being cooked by different time. This lid is made of silicone and easy to fold, so you could simply open it and get access to the ingredients.

No steam leaks from the container as the silicone sous vide lid offers insulation. The cooking temperature will be kept as accurate as the Anova cooker features.

Works with:
Cambro Container Model No.: 12SFSCW135

Anova: Model No. PCB-120US-K1 & A3.2-120V-US

An EVERIE Designed & Manufactured Product EVERIE – Every Possible Gadgets

Only the lid is included, the Cambro container and ANOVA cooker are for presentation purpose. Everie is not endorsed or sponsored by Cambro or Anova.Silicone Sous Vide Lid, Snugly fits Anova cooker to 12 Qt Cambro sous vide container ( Model No. 12SFSCW135, ASIN:B0001MRUKA)
Stop Evaporation for Sous Vide, Insulation featured helps to cook long time even over night without having to refill water.
Collapsible Silicone Lid, the soft silicone lid is flexible to collapse while cooking to check or refill or remove ingredients
You don’t have to use extra clamps to hold vacuum sealed bags because the lid clamps them well.
Only lid is included. Anova or container is not included. Silicone materials imported from Germany

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