Devastatingly Delicious Oreo Cookie Cocktails for …

It’s National Oreo Day and we’d be some sick-ass freaks of nature if we didn’t bring ya’ll some of the most tasty Oreo dessert cocktails on the planet to celebrate. So to commemorate the date that the first Oreo was sold — March 6, 1912 — and to make mouths water to the point of insanity, here are seven devastatingly delicious Oreo drinks that’ll give you the foodgasm of a lifetime, and get you tipsy to boot. 


First up we have the Oreo Cookie Martini, which is somehow just as classy as it is chocolatey. Seriously, this is the drink they’d serve you if Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory had a rooftop bar. 

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The Oreo Mint Meltdown is basically the closest you can get to Oreo shake perfection if you’re a mint lover. It’ll freshen your breath too, which is good ’cause you’re going to be screaming nonstop about how delicious this damn drink is. 

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Lovers of McDonalds and Booze will find a deep, almost spiritual satisfaction from the Spiked Oreo McFlurry. Try it with a Big Mac and fries if you really want to be a hedonist. 

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People, the Oreo and Irish Cream Shake is the gold at the end of the rainbow. Yes, that’s some kind of Irish leprechaun joke or something, but we can’t really think straight ’cause we want to drink this shake so bad. 

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Drunken. Oreo. Cookies. Need we say more? Probably, but our mouths are full of spiked Oreos.

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Here’s another sexy, classy take on the Oreo cocktail. It’s the Cookies & Creamtini, and it’s just different enough from the Oreo Cookie Martini that you should really try both. 

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Finally we have the Drunken Cookie Monster Cocktail. And remember: C is for cookie, T is for Tipsy, and M is for Mmmmmmmmm this is a damn delicious drink. 

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How are you celebrating National Oreo Day? Give us your plans — as well as all your complaints about how we’re trying to give you diabetes — in the comments! 


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