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Outside of the local grocery store in my neighborhood I do most of my shopping on Amazon or at Costco. My husband asked me earlier, “If you could only shop at ONE place for the rest of your life Amazon or Costco, which one would you choose”? Oh man, that one is hard for me!

Costco has it’s big bags of spinach that we use for our smoothies, cheese in a giant block, contact solution for a bargain and don’t forget their big bags of bacon bits!

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But on the other hand, Amazon has it’s 2 day shipping which allows me to click and receive what I need all while shopping in my jammies. I like buying Instant Pots, my hair gel, and other random items like this amazing ice cream scoop from Amazon. Not to mention if you need to order a book!*

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t come to a conclusive answer! It’s so sad for me to think of my life without one or the other! Ha ha!

Please tell me your thoughts by voting in the poll and then leaving a comment of your favorite items to buy from both places!

Which one would you choose and why?

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