The Gourmia GVS425 is a great budget-friendly option for most people.

Review: Gourmia GVS425 Vacuum Sealer

  Features – 8/10 Performance – 8/10 Ease of Use – 8/10 Design – 8/10 8/10 If you are looking for a compact and practical vacuum sealer to use for sous vide cooking, Gourmia GVS425 Vacuum Sealer is an excellent choice. This affordable kitchen gadget is easy to use and performs great regardless of the food […]

Sous Vide Radish Recipe - Sous Vide Guy

Sous Vide Radish Recipe – Sous Vide Guy

Radishes are an oft-forgotten compliment to the kitchen and, unfortunately, in sous vide as well. The radish is surprisingly delicate despite its crisp white interior. When cooked it tends to absorb the colour of whatever you cook it with which can lead to dirtying that impeccable skin. Radishes tend to be served fresh in salads […]

Sous vide beets perfectly cooked, have a mouth-melting texture and a rustic flavor that will wow you.

Can You Sous Vide Beets?

Beetroot is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, and other antioxidants, but it’s not why we love it- it’s because it’s so delicious. Steaming and boiling don’t do justice to the earthy flavor of the pink root vegetable, and it can be too tough to be eaten raw in a salad. However, sous vide beets […]

The Weston Pro-2300 is a commercial grade vacuum sealer that will impress even in a professional setting.

Review: Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless…

Performance – 8/10 Ease of Use – 8.5/10 Design – 8/10 Features – 8.5/10 8.3/10 If you are looking for a vacuum sealer that boasts heavy-duty construction and top of the line performance, you don’t need to look further than Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer. With its extra wide and long double […]

When cooked sous vide, sweet potatoes turn out heavenly sweet, mouth-melting tender and full of flavor.

Can You Sous Vide Sweet Potatoes?

When cooked sous vide, sweet potatoes truly live up to their name. The beloved starchy vegetable is at its best when cooked in a hot water bath, as at these cooking temperatures starch turns into maltose, making these root veggies amazingly sweet and flavorful. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant-worthy Thanksgiving side dish or an […]

Recipe: Can You Sous Vide Kale?

Recipe: Can You Sous Vide Kale?

Kale’s sharp increase in popularity over the last few years has led this ruffled vegetable to find its way into many kitchens and recipes, from kale chips to salads to omelettes and, yes, even sous vide. Like spinach, swiss chard and other collard greens Kale typically loses a lot of moisture during cooking and reduces […]

Not only you can sous vide potatoes, it

Can You Sous Vide Potatoes?

If you’ve been craving some starchy goodness that will melt in your mouth, you need to make sous vide potatoes. It’s fairly hard to ruin spuds, as they’ll taste great in any shape and form, from french fries to mashed potatoes, but there really is no toping sous vide potatoes. When prepared in a hot […]

Sous Vide Labor Day Sale Extravaganza

Sous Vide Labor Day Sale Extravaganza

So you’re finally ready to take the Sous Vide plunge – there’s no better time to get cooking than Labor Day! Wow your taste buds with the most delicious meals they’ve had, with all the tools you need at some amazing deals. Labor Day is the perfect time to check out this popular kitchen trend. […]

Cheap and lightweight, the WAOWAW Vacuum Sealer is a great on-the budget option for sous vide amateurs.

Review: WAOAW Vacuum Sealer – Sous Vide Guy

Performance – 7/10 Ease of Use – 8/10 Design – 8/10 Features – 7/10 7.5/10 This compact device is proof that you don’t need a big, clunky vacuum sealer to get the job done! WAOAW Vacuum Sealer is a lightweight, small unit that can be easily stored away and won’t take up too much counter […]

Sous vide asparagus has the perfect tender texture, retains its vibrant green color, and tastes heavenly.

Can You Sous Vide Asparagus?

It’s tricky getting asparagus to cook just right- the stalks can often stay chewy and tough, turning to overcooked mush near the tips. But you’ll have none of these issues if you prepare asparagus in a sous vide cooker! Sous vide asparagus has the perfect tender texture with just enough snap to it, retains its […]

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