Bright & Tender Parsnips

Temperatures are dropping, daylight is lessening, and—as the age-old adage says—*winter is coming*. Enter the parsnip. This pale, savory cousin to the carrot is arguably one of the tastiest winter vegetables, but finds itself woefully underused in homes everywhere. **It’s a shame because the humble parsnip is truly one of the greats—it adds brightness and delicacy to any hearty dish, can be cooked in countless ways, and easily rivals any form of the fan-favorite potato.**

This winter, give parsnips their due and sous vide ’em to dial in texture and flavor. One really fun thing about Joule is that you can experiment with new-to-you ingredients and never worry that they’ll over- or undercook. If you’ve never worked with this subtly flavored root veg, it’s time to revolutionize your winter vegetable game. **All you need is Joule and a vacuum sealer to get genuinely delicious parsnips that are bright with flavor and grow tender with a nice, snappy texture.** Then, your only question will be *what should I serve these with?*

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