Absolut Vodka Has Employees Go All Nude for New Ad

If you think about booze and nudity, some very unwholesome images probably come to mind — or maybe some really great personal memories, in which case, congratulations! But Swedish vodka maker Absolut is offering a totally new take on that combination with its new ad campaign dubbed “Nothing to Hide.” In order to demonstrate that the vodka producer has — you guessed it — nothing to hide about its distillation process, real employees of its distillery in Sweden went totally nude for a raucous, yet tastefully blurred commercial.

The commercial, which comes via Campaign, was created to demonstrate the fact that Absolut wants to be completely transparent about where it sources its ingredients and how it makes its vodka. Because apparently people were concerned about that? Or maybe Swedish people just really love to get nude.

If you can look past the 28 pale, jangling bodies, you’ll see that Absolut only sources its water and wheat from Åhus, Sweden, and pumps out a very healthy 600,000 bottles of vodka a day. Plus the process is carbon neutral, in part because the employees are local and they ride their bikes to work. Although it’s unclear how many lemon-scented wet wipes were required to wipe down those bike seats, or if the bikes were just burned in a giant fire. (Neither of those things happened.)

If you’re being a super creep and trying to spot some kind of tip or nip slip, sorry; these Swedes are just too dang good at covering up their bouncy bits. But here, have a GIF of some old nude dudes partying.

Or just check out these two delicious Absolut-based drinks:

See recipe.

See recipe.

How do you feel about this all-nude advert? Would you and your co-workers ever try something like this — if there was enough booze involved of course. Let us know in the comments!

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