5 Insanely Ridiculous Ways to Open Your Booze

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know people can slice open champagne bottles with a saber or even pop a wine cork using a bunch of lighters, but there is most definitely a next level to the game of opening booze bottles, and it’s absolutely f—cking ridiculous. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five clips where people busted out with some next level bottle opening, endangering their bodies, significant others, and a bunch of booze. 

5. This clip of a dude popping open a champagne bottle with a golfball is crazy for three reasons: One, that aim though. Two, he could’ve hit that woman in the back of her head and really done some damage. And three, that woman is that dude’s wife, so missing would’ve meant all kinds of pain for both her and him

Instagram / holein1trickshots

4. Talking about aim, watch this girl fling a beer can into another girl’s hockey mitt (is that what you call it?) and then chuck a puck at said beer can in order to open it. We give both these women an 11 for hand-eye coordination, by the way. 

Instagram / adrenalinekings

3. Do you have a bike? Then you also have a beer opener, apparently, ’cause this guy shows us that popping a beer bottle with a moving bicycle wheel is as easy as ABC ya later, sober jerks. 

Instagram / hoppy_dudes

2. More golf skills here, ’cause you’ll need to watch a few of these videos in order to get down opening liquor with golfballs so you can impress everybody at the next backyard BBQ. 

Instagram / exodrinks

1. Finally we have these guys “opening” a beer with a f—cking bow and arrow. Seriously, if the archer in this video had missed by even an inch, the can holder’s hand would’ve been screwed for life. 

Instagram / adrenalinekings

How do you all feel about these crazy-ass bottle opening techniques? Would you ever try anything like this, or are you cool just chillin’ with some bottle cocktails like the ones below? Let us know, people! 

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See recipe

Featured image: Instagram / adrenalinekings

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