17 Pics of Pugs with Booze ‘Cause Pug Life

OK, yeah, we got a little bored in the office and put together a list of pugs and booze. But pug life is real, and these 17 pugs are living it to the fullest.

1. A pug praises the vino gods. 

2. A pug. A mimosa. A bowtie. A.k.a. perfection. 

3. A pug and his(?) Dom Pérignon. 

4. Pugs and some Jack Daniel’s. 

5. Pug-champagne-bulldog NYE sandwich. 

6. Baby pug next to some Puglia Rosso summer wine. 

7. Pizza and beer plus a little background pug. 

8. Straight-up pizza-lover pug with red wine. 

9. Pug in a pug-snuggie with some wine in bed. 

10. Wine-loving pug takes licks with pug tongue. 

11. Bath, wine, strawberries: the realest pug life. 

12. Pug contemplating pug life beside a beer. 

13. Smiley pug with a glass of shadowy stout. 

14. Pug (not actually) sippin’ from a spiked lemonade. 

15. NYE pug feeling the champers and fun hats. 

16. Fancy pug and Prosecco. 

17. Pug in bed with wine and a computer, plus a bathrobe. Maximum. Pug. Life. 

How hard do you live the pug life? And which one of the cocktails below is the most pug? Let us know. 

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See recipe

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