10 Super-Useful Beer Tips for National Beer Day!

Happy National Beer Day, all you beer-loving, big-burping beauties. Drink down some beer knowledge with these 10 beer infographics that will help you answer some of the basic questions you may have about your favorite booze. 

1. How should I pour my beer?  

2. What’s an IPA though? 

3. Which cheese pairs with which beer? 

4. But really though, more beer and cheese pairings. 

5. What can beer color tell me? 

6. Which foods (other than cheese) pair with which beers? 

7. Difference between draft-, cask-, and keg-conditioned beer? 

8. Differences between British ales? 

9. What are those damn avocado-toast-eating millennials doing to beer?

10. How can beer benefit my health? 

How did all this beer knowledge hit you? Are you going to do some “studying” with some beer cocktails like the ones below? Let us know! 

See recipe

See recipe

Featured image: Beer For That

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