10 Bomb-Style Shots for Super Bowl Sunday

There’s so much to celebrate on Super Bowl Sunday that it’s kind of essential to have some great bomb shots ready to go: Commemorating a touchdown is nice with a sip of beer, but it’s downright miraculous if you drop a bomb shot and do some chuggin’. To that end, here are 10 potent bomb-style shots that’ll let you really enter beast mode when your team puts points on the board.

1. Tower of Death 

Here’s a little bit of insanity to start this Super Bowl bomb list off right: It’s the Tower of Death, and it’s a triple threat that’ll have you running around, kicking ass, and then passing out. (All while drinking responsibly!)


2. Irish Car Bomb 

This next bomb is a classic, so make sure to have it at your Super Bowl Party if you want something simple that those precious whiskey fans can enjoy. We’d say something else about this bomb, but that wouldn’t be keeping it simple, would it?


3. God of War Inception Bomb

Here’s another crazy shot that triples the tipsy factor. It’s the God of War Inception Bomb, and its shot-inside-of-a-shot style is perfect for celebrating the biggest moments of the Big Game.


4. Chaser Bomb 

The Chaser Bomb is a light, fun, and fruity bomb that lets you pull the plug on your shot rather than deal with all that clinking and drinking that comes with these other options — you’re going to need something silent to sip on when the other team scores, right?


5. Calgonit Bomb 

This Calgonit Bomb shot sounds a bit strange — the recipe was created by a bartender in Amsterdam — but trust us when we say that this shot is flawless. Its green color is also perfect for encouraging envy if (when!) your team wins too.


6. MK-1 Grenade Bomb 

Pull the pin on this MK-1 Grenade Bomb for a big bang of alcohol and flavor in your mouth. With an exciting mix of Jäger, beer, two types of whiskey, and some rum, this is the bomb shot you’ll want to go with when things get tight in the fourth quarter.


7. Sake Bomb

Ichi ni san time for a Sake Bomb! You’re banging on the table during a Big Game party for one reason or another already, right? Why not get the Sake Bomb going in there as well for good measure.


8. Sexy Ocean Sunset Bomb 

For you people watching the game on the East Coast while the sun’s going down, try this Sexy Ocean Sunset Bomb. It’s just as beautiful as a real sunset or, y’know, watching your team recover a fumble.


9. Jager Bomb 

The Jager Bomb’s another classic that really needs no introduction. Just pour your energy drink of choice into a glass, drop in the Jager, and you’re ready to get back to watching the game.


10. Nuclear Reactor 

Finally we have the Nuclear Reactor, which, as its name suggests, looks like something that is downright radioactive. We promise your guts won’t be glowing though, unless your team wins, and then it’ll be from happiness.


What are your thoughts on these ten crazy bomb-style shots? Are you going to drop these bad boys into your Big Game party so you can celebrate in style? Clink and comment below!

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