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Jay-Z Racked Up $91,000 Bar Tab, Tipped $11,000

His name is Hooooooooo-ly sh*t, Jay-Z went out on the town in New York and racked up a $91,135.00 bar tab in a single night. Hova was celebrating Roc Nation Sports President Juan “OG” Perez’s birthday, and apparently that meant dropping what would be the equivalent of a 2018 Porsche 911 on booze alone. Oh, and […]

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Marijuana Sales Top Booze Sales in Aspen for First…

To be faded or to be tipsy: that is the question people in Aspen, Colorado are grappling with now that marijuana has been legalized in the state for over three years. And apparently, the answer for a lot of members of what’s often called a retreat for billionaires is to be faded, as bud sales […]

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Jack Daniel’s and Nike Team Up for Ultra-Luxury Ai…

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey has inspired a few barrels’ worth of cocktails we love — like the Jack Daniel’s Root Canal Float and the JD & Coke Slush (both watchable below). Now, the classic liquor is also, apparently, inspiring some super well-crafted shoes. People, say hello to the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Air Forces. […]

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Black Panther Shots and Other Superhero Cocktails!

Black Panther’s finally joining all his Marvel buddies on the big screen with a solo feature, and the movie looks damn good. Directed by Ryan Coogler, scored by Kendrick Lamar…. What we’re saying is the movie looks nicely garnished with talent, much like these Black Panther Shots and other superhero cocktails. The shots have some […]

Daddy's Home 2 Bomb Shot Celebrates Movie's Star-S...

Daddy’s Home 2 Bomb Shot Celebrates Movie’s Star-S…

Daddy’s Home 2 will be out on Digital and Blu-ray on February 20, and to commemorate this papa-licious occasion we’ve made a cocktail that’ll satisfy fans of every character in the film — except for Griff, that dude would just want a whiskey neat in his honor. So whether you’re team Brad-Jonah or team Dusty-Kurt, […]

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Absolut Vodka Has Employees Go All Nude for New Ad

If you think about booze and nudity, some very unwholesome images probably come to mind — or maybe some really great personal memories, in which case, congratulations! But Swedish vodka maker Absolut is offering a totally new take on that combination with its new ad campaign dubbed “Nothing to Hide.” In order to demonstrate that […]

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Four Loko Study Finds Crazy Links Between Your Boo…

Ever been turned on or off by the boozy drink somebody orders? Or heard a stranger order an AMF and immediately know you’ll both be BFFs? Well, there are statistics to back up those gut feelings now, and they come from… Four Loko? Yes, the maker of the mondo combo cans surveyed 2,000 people across […]

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10 Stages of a Valentine’s Hook-Up Told Through Co…

It’s hard to sum up the perfect Valentine’s date because they’re all so different — newbie couples may get into some Adios-level craziness, whereas old flames will probably have more of a Hot Buttered Rum kind of night. But if we’re talking about the essential Valentine’s hook-up scenario, that we can describe in detail with […]

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Baileys Launches Luscious ‘Strawberries and Cream’…

It is indeed going to be a happy Valentine’s Day this year, people! Why? Because you’re sexy, that’s why. But also because Baileys, which produces the popular whiskey- and cream-based liqueur perfect for all kinds of decadent dessert cocktails, has just released a Strawberries and Cream flavor that pours like a silky pink dream and […]

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5 Cocktails for National Pizza Day

It’s National Pizza Day, people, and if you need the perfect pizza cocktail, we have you covered with these five fizzy, spicy, and very boozy drinks. We also offer some pairing suggestions here, with five different pies that will maximize the saucy, sippin’ delight delivered to your palate. 1. Michelada and Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza […]

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